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What Is Microsoft Power Automate

Quick and Efficient

Microsoft Power Automate is a versatile tool that enables users to create and automate workflows, processes, and tasks across hundreds of apps and services. This powerful tool enables businesses to reduce the potential for human error in repetitive tasks and allow employees to focus on higher-value work.

Power Automate is low-code and can automate repetitive, monotonous tasks with ease. With hundreds of pre-built connectors, all of your data systems can connect effortlessly.

Boost efficiency – Record your processes from start to finish with a process advisor. This powerful tool will provide recommendations for creating workflows and provide in-depth insights to advise you on what to automate taking the guesswork out.

Accessible everywhere – Power Automate has a mobile app that allows users to access existing workflows and create new workflows whilst out of the office. This is ideal for organisations where remote working is prominent.

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How Can Power Automate Help?

Unlimited use-cases

Microsoft Power Automate does four things to help you to automate workflows with the consistency and accuracy of a robot.

  1. Cloud Flow – This is based on a trigger-action model. When a set trigger is activated, a specific action or series of actions will follow. This tool can be used in conjunction with conditions – for example when an order comes in with ‘delivery’ checked, then create a post label with the delivery details on it.
  2. Business Process Flow – This is used to guide users through the various stages and steps of a process reducing the need for training and helping the user to understand the flow – for example, an onboarding recruitment process.
  3. Robotic Process Automation | Platform Desktop Automation – To incorporate automation across outdated systems or legacy green-screen applications where they cannot be connected programmatically. This powerful tool enables organisations to record mouse and keyboard clicks and replicate them in a different system.
  4. Process Mining – A key feature in this is Process Advisor which allows business to analyse their current bottlenecks and optimise their processes.

These powerful tools all work efficiently alone and seamlessly together to automate most of your day to day tasks.



Power Automate and BI Use Case examples


We've worked with some of the leading organisations from around the world.

“Synapx provided us with a design and implementation plan for our new external Power App with integrated Power BI reporting. We were very impressed with the knowledge and experience shown by the consultants.

The end result was a high performing, well governed and aesthetically pleasing Power App which is being used by our clients today.”

“We work with Synapx as our go-to and trusted partner for anything Power BI, or data in general, so much so we recommend them to all our clients! The team always work to first understand what our challenges are, what it is we want to achieve and with their expertise, are able to take us through, in simple terms, what the solution would be.

For delivery of data projects or support with our existing data products, the team at Synapx work with us in a way that makes it feel like they are part of our business, our “data team”, this means projects and on-going support is executed easily and effortlessly.

Synapx has recently built our new security reporting capability, bringing in data from multiple, distinct systems to provide a single pane of glass view on the security posture for our clients – this project was delivered on time, to requirements and the reporting has been a hit! We will continue to use Synapx in the future for our data needs.”

“As part of a major business process transformation programme, we were looking to significantly enhance our MI and BI capabilities. Having decided upon the technologies within our technical architecture design, we needed the assistance and expertise from Synapx to realise our objectives.

Synapx performed brilliantly for us, working closely with technical and business stakeholders, and played a pivotal role on the programme team. They are very consultative, but critically, in a manner that helps guide the client towards solutions, expertly contributing their knowledge and matching it to the understanding they gain of the business’ requirements.

They played the key role in the design and implementation of the Azure Data Warehouse, incorporating the Azure Data Factory, and then the integration of Power BI. This included the production of the portfolio of key corporate reports and MI, working across the technical estate to access data from CRM, PSA and Financial ledger systems.

Synapx worked with us end-to-end, from requirements gathering, design, implementation and will continue to work with us in a support capacity.

We are pleased with the results of our association with Synapx and are looking forward to building on what has been accomplished by continuing to work with them.”

What We Do

Expert Consultancy for Tailored Automation Solutions

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We develop custom Power Automate solutions designed to streamline your operations

Our services are rooted in a deep understanding of both the Power Automate platform and your unique business challenges. With a team boasting extensive experience and skill, we’re adept at crafting tailored automation solutions that align seamlessly with your specific goals and requirements. Our approach ensures that each solution is not only efficient but also strategically aligned to enhance your business operations.

With years of successful implementations under our belt, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of innovation. This allows us to foresee and navigate potential challenges, ensuring a smooth and effective automation journey for your business.

  • Certified Power Automate specialists with extensive experience
  • We provide ongoing support & Training as required
  • Tailored soltuions that fit your specific needs
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How We Can Help

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with Our Tailored Power Automate Services


We assess your workflow and identify processes that can benefit from automation. Our expert team then designs and deploys customised Power Automate solutions that align with your specific business objectives, ensuring seamless integration.


We conduct a detailed analysis of your current business processes to uncover areas where automation can be most beneficial. We examine workflow efficiency, data management, and resource allocation to identify opportunities.


Our training services are designed to provide your staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to utilise Power Automate efficiently. From basic workflow creation to advanced automation techniques, we cover all aspects.


We provide continuous assistance to ensure your automated processes are functioning optimally. This includes troubleshooting, updates, and periodic reviews to refine and enhance your automation strategies.

What Can Power Automate Do?

Create, run, and check automated workflows from anywhere with Power Automate’s mobile app - even when out of the office.

Our Process

We work closely with you to analyse your processes and come up with a bespoke solution to meet your business’s needs.

  1. Consultation

    Our Power Automate Consultants will complete an in-depth consultation to understand the current process and systems in place to complete tasks.

  2. Proposal

    A custom solution will be presented to your team taking into consideration efficiency, time scale, cost-effectiveness, and your project goals.

  3. Implementation

    We will automate all the processes and tasks identified during the consultation process to ensure seamless running of workflows.

  4. Delivery

    We will thoroughly train your team to manage existing automated workflows, run processes, and create new workflows as required.

Power Automate Case Studies

At Synapx, we’re proud to show how our solutions have transformed the way our clients work and operate. Below you can see our latest client project.

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Material Management Application with Business Central Automation - Power Apps with Power Automate

Renewable Fuel Suppliers

A renewable fuel supplier approached us needing a system to automate their processes for managing the transfer of different materials held in piles between their internal and external sites.


Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQs or get in contact for more information on any of our services, solutions, or to start your Power Platform journey.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate formerly known as Microsoft Flow is a tool that helps organisations automate business processes. Manual, repetitive, and monotonous tasks can quickly be completed efficiently and accurately with automation. This saves organisations time, improves their productivity levels and allows teams to focus on higher-value work instead.

How much does Power Automate cost?

The cost of Power Automate at a basic level is included with your existing Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365 subscription. However, prices vary depending on how many individual users require access and to extend its capabilities. The best place to find out more is directly on the Microsoft Power BI plan and pricing page for up to date costs.

Our consulting prices to implement, support, train, and customise your tool are available following a consultation call with our team.

How long will it take to implement Power Automate?

It is difficult to give an exact timeframe for Power Automate implementation as completion is contingent on multiple factors.

In order to use your existing data for automation, your data needs to be converted onto the common data service. This is essentially a set of standard entities and attributes that all of the Power Platform tools are built on. This allows users to use the tools harmoniously with one another and seamlessly. Synapx spends the first stage of implementing Power Automation sorting through all of your data and converting it onto the dataverse which can take different amounts of time depending on how the current data was stored.

Additionally, depending on your organisation’s requirements, Power Automate can be implemented in multiple ways for different functionalities. In order to fulfil all of your needs, the automations may need to be more or less complex and we may need to create multiple workflows. This can also affect the length of time it takes to implement Power Automate at your organisation.

We can provide more information and accurate timescales following an in-depth consultation call with your business.

What services can Power Automate connect to?

Power Automate can connect to over 300+ connectors. These include Adobe Creative Suite, Basecamp, Gmail, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Sharepoint, Twitter, and Outlook.

Our Specialists can also create custom connectors to connect to most applications and systems.

Ready To Automate Your Business?

We understand the need for fast, efficient, and accurate business workflows that are fully automated so you can focus on the important things. Talk to us about how we can implement Power Automate for your organisation and save you time and money.

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