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What Is Microsoft Power Pages?

Microsoft Power Pages stands as a robust, low-code SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, catering to the development, hosting, and management of contemporary external-facing business websites. As a key component of the Microsoft Power Platform suite, it empowers developers to efficiently design, configure, and launch websites. These sites are tailored to provide a consistent and seamless user experience across a diverse range of web browsers and devices.

This platform stands out for its ability to integrate seamlessly with other Power Platform components, such as Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, providing a comprehensive suite for business solutions. Built with security at its core, the platform provides robust security features, including data encryption and compliance with industry standards.

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Transforming Data into Dynamic Websites

Power Pages is a versatile and powerful tool that can significantly benefit businesses looking to establish or enhance their online presence. Its ease of use, combined with powerful data integration and customization capabilities, makes it an ideal solution for businesses aiming to create professional, data-driven websites efficiently and securely.

If your business heavily relies on Microsoft’s suite of tools like Dynamics 365, Power BI, or other Power Platform services, Power Pages offers seamless integration. This integration facilitates data sharing and process automation across your business applications, which might be more complex to achieve with a WordPress site.

One of the standout features of Power Pages is its integration capabilities with Microsoft’s Dataverse, allowing businesses to easily manage and display data on their websites. This integration facilitates real-time data updates and ensures that website content is consistently aligned with the business’s internal data.


We've worked with some of the leading organisations from around the world.

“Synapx provided us with a design and implementation plan for our new external Power App with integrated Power BI reporting. We were very impressed with the knowledge and experience shown by the consultants.

The end result was a high performing, well governed and aesthetically pleasing Power App which is being used by our clients today.”

“We work with Synapx as our go-to and trusted partner for anything Power BI, or data in general, so much so we recommend them to all our clients! The team always work to first understand what our challenges are, what it is we want to achieve and with their expertise, are able to take us through, in simple terms, what the solution would be.

For delivery of data projects or support with our existing data products, the team at Synapx work with us in a way that makes it feel like they are part of our business, our “data team”, this means projects and on-going support is executed easily and effortlessly.

Synapx has recently built our new security reporting capability, bringing in data from multiple, distinct systems to provide a single pane of glass view on the security posture for our clients – this project was delivered on time, to requirements and the reporting has been a hit! We will continue to use Synapx in the future for our data needs.”

“As part of a major business process transformation programme, we were looking to significantly enhance our MI and BI capabilities. Having decided upon the technologies within our technical architecture design, we needed the assistance and expertise from Synapx to realise our objectives.

Synapx performed brilliantly for us, working closely with technical and business stakeholders, and played a pivotal role on the programme team. They are very consultative, but critically, in a manner that helps guide the client towards solutions, expertly contributing their knowledge and matching it to the understanding they gain of the business’ requirements.

They played the key role in the design and implementation of the Azure Data Warehouse, incorporating the Azure Data Factory, and then the integration of Power BI. This included the production of the portfolio of key corporate reports and MI, working across the technical estate to access data from CRM, PSA and Financial ledger systems.

Synapx worked with us end-to-end, from requirements gathering, design, implementation and will continue to work with us in a support capacity.

We are pleased with the results of our association with Synapx and are looking forward to building on what has been accomplished by continuing to work with them.”

Power BI solutions to transform your data into your most valuable asset

Power BI Services

Power Pages Consulting

Our Power Pages specialists work closely with your business for strategic planning, custom solution design, and the implementation of best practices for your web presence. Our focus is on solutions that integrate smoothly with your existing business systems and workflows.

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Discovery & Development

A comprehensive analysis of existing Power Pages setups, focusing on performance, security, and functionality. Our specialists review overall functionality and user experience, providing actionable recommendations for improvements.

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Power Pages Training

Our training services aim to educate businesses on effectively utilising Power Pages, catering to both basic and advanced users. These sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the business, ensuring relevant skill development.

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Power Pages Support

We provide ongoing technical assistance, maintenance, and advisory support for Power Pages users. This encompasses direct help with technical issues, regular website maintenance, and updates to keep the site functional and secure.

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What Can Power Pages Do?

Power Pages offers an innovative platform for creating sophisticated websites and web apps with ease. It enables seamless integration, interactive features, and secure data access, tailored to your specific business requirements. Explore some example use cases below:

Our Process

We work closely with you to analyse your processes and come up with a bespoke solution to meet your business’s needs.

  1. Consultation

    Our Power Pages Specialists will complete an in-depth consultation to understand the user requirements.

  2. Proposal

    We work closely with you to develop a user interface that best suits your business needs. Our user-centered design approach incorporates best practice for interface design.

  3. Implementation

    We will build the webpage as per the signed-off design, ensuring training and documentation is provided if required. Our quality assurers then undertake extensive testing to ensure the webpage works as expected.

  4. Delivery

    The completed solution will be presented to your team, and we'll walk you through how to maximise the potential of your tools.

    We'll be on hand to maintain and support your team as well as advise you on how to implement new processes if you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQs or get in contact for more information on any of our services, solutions, or to start your Power Platform journey.

What is Power Pages?

“Power Pages” (formerly known as “Power Portals”) is a component of the Microsoft Power Platform that enables organizations to create custom web portals and websites with ease. These web portals can be tailored to various business needs, such as customer self-service, employee onboarding, knowledge bases, and more. With its user-friendly interface and responsive design, Power Pages allows users to engage with content and services from any device, ensuring a seamless and interactive digital experience. This versatile platform empowers organizations to enhance user engagement, streamline processes, and deliver a unified digital presence.

How much does Power Pages cost?

Pricing can vary depending on factors such as the number of users and additional capabilities needed. For the most up-to-date pricing details and specific licensing options, we recommend visiting the official Microsoft Power Apps pricing page. Additionally, our consulting prices for implementation, support, training, and customization can be provided after a consultation call with our experienced team.

How long will it take to implement Power Pages?

The timeline for implementing Power Pages can vary based on several factors. One crucial element is data preparation and migration. To leverage your existing data in the application, it needs to be transformed and migrated to the Power Platform’s Common Data Service (Dataverse). This process involves converting data into standardized entities and attributes compatible with Power Platform tools, ensuring seamless integration. The duration of this phase depends on the complexity and structure of your current data.

Furthermore, the implementation of Power Pages can take different paths to meet your organization’s unique requirements. Customizations, functionalities, and the need for multiple applications can influence project complexity and, consequently, the implementation timeline.

For a more accurate assessment of the timeframe and to tailor the implementation plan to your organization’s needs, we recommend scheduling an in-depth consultation call with our team. This consultation will allow us to understand your specific requirements and provide you with detailed timelines and project plans.

What would the access method be for my Power Page?

Access to your organization’s Power Pages is made simple and versatile. Whether it’s for general users or employees, the portals are accessible through web browsers on desktop or mobile devices. Each user, including employees, is typically provided with unique login credentials, ensuring secure access to specific portals and content tailored to their roles and permissions. This user-friendly access method allows individuals, whether within your organization or external users, to log in and explore the information, services, and resources available on your Power Pages, enhancing engagement and collaboration.

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