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Synapx offer a range of services with a focus on Microsoft Power Platform consulting. We’re a dedicated team of power platform specialists who love seeing businesses transform and make the most out of their tools and software.

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Why Choose Synapx?

When you’re looking to transform your business, you need experienced consultants who know how global companies operate and recognise the exact tools to use for your specific situation. Our experience at leading consulting firms helps to guide our business solutions to implement effective strategies and software into your company. We know how companies should operate, understand PMO, and are specialists in our selected tools.

  • Experienced

    With extensive consulting experience, we’ve perfected our services and solutions. We’ve worked with global FS customers and countless FTSE100 companies. We understand what good PMO is and know exactly how to implement and adjust your processes to see results.

  • Innovative

    We understand that one solution can not fix every problem which is why we offer a free consultation call to our clients to better understand your needs and challenges. We’ll advise you on recommendations, and how much you can save by using our solutions.

  • Trustworthy

    We provide honest and open advice based on what solution would be best for you. Our dedication to transparency, integrity, and ethical practices in every project ensures that you can confidently rely on us for expert guidance and dependable solutions.

  • Our Process

    We’ve perfected our six step process to ensure your project is delivered succesfully. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure our bespoke solution is perfect for you.

    • Step 1 - Discovery

      Our process begins with our discovery phase. We understand that every business is unique with its own requirements, challenges, and infrastructure. Every client has their own set of systems they use and so we start our approach by firstly gaining a detailed understanding of your business and vision.

      Our discovery phase is kicked off with our discovery workshop where we’ll invite key stakeholders to understand your “as-is” business model. We take this time to establish the current systems you have in place, the processes you’re following, reporting mechanisms you’re using, and the pain points you’re experiencing with your current solutions. Once we have an understanding of your business model and processes, we’ll then explore your business goals as well as the challenges you’re currently facing to reach your goals.

      Our discovery workshop is free and is a critical step as it allows us to plan and propose the best possible solution for you. This will also help us to provide you with a fixed cost based on your unique project.

    • Step 2 - Planning & Proposal

      We take the insights from our discovery process and identify which business systems can be optimised and automated. We’ll put together a proposal, with our recommendations and insights to help you make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed. Our Power Platform specialists will maximise any current investments you have in Microsoft to help you make the most out of your subscription if applicable.

    • Step 3 - Preparation

      Once the proposal is accepted, and you’re happy with our recommendations, we start our data mining process to collect your business data. We’ll pull in data from spreadsheets, feeds, databases, and other forms you may have. All the data is then organised and sanitised to clean up inaccurate or incorrect data ensuring your dataset is ready for transforming and reporting. All of this structured data is then collated into the Microsoft Dataverse, ready to use with your new power platform implementation.

    • Step 4 - Design & Development

      Our design and development teams work within an Agile (Scrum) framework to deliver our solutions. This approach allows us to develop the solution iteratively meaning you will yield business benefits quicker. New functionality is developed and released every sprint to maximise productivity.

      Our consultants are armed with industry-leading experience and qualifications and work with a hands-on approach to consulting. Our team will work closely with you to develop your solution and involve you throughout the design process so you can offer any suggestions and make changes as necessary.

      We focus on implementing robust, long-lasting solutions so you can be sure that our solutions will serve you for years to come.

    • Step 5 - Testing & Acceptance

      Upon completion of the development phase, we’ll carry out our rigorous testing process ensuring everything is working, collecting, and reporting as it should. Once we’re completely satisfied, we’ll invite you to carry out your own testing of the applications before we deliver the project and the solution goes live.

    • Step 6 - Maintenance & Support

      Once your project has been delivered, we ensure your product is maintained and you are supported throughout the lifetime of your software. We provide ongoing support and offer training to upskill your staff to make the most out of your new solution.

      In the rare event that anything does go wrong, we’ll always be on hand, ready to get everything back to how it should be.

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