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Our Managed RPA Service

100% Cloud Native, Powered By AWS

Our RPA solutions are powered by AWS, yet its key extinguishing trait among other RPA solutions is being fully cloud-native – they are built with serverless computing and twelve-factor apps in mind. The architecture is highly available, scalable, resilient, performable, and cost-efficient.

Fully Managed

Some RPA vendors provide SaaS, but they are still complex in nature and require IT involvement. Complexity causes the total investment to be much more than the product’s licensing cost, even if the product is ‘No-Code’. Businesses still need to onboard and train their people to manage RPA assets such as orchestrators and tasks. Our RPA service is fully managed, in other words we maintain the infrastructure as well as RPA scripts, because it is our mission to offer a cost-effective solution that helps businesses to reduce organisational silos.

Highly Available & Resilient

We believe high availability, scalability and resiliency should not be premium features, thereby our RPA service aims to enable RPA’s all benefits to our customers from day 1 – we always choose AWS managed services where possible to make sure there are no single point of failures and resiliency is built-in by default in our solutions.

Cost-Effective Scaling

One of the most important benefits of robots is scalable throughout. In other words, scaling the workforce to cope with irregular volumes. Pricing options like per user, developer, number of concurrent executions, etc. limit businesses’ abilities and most importantly reduce their ROI. We believe our solutions must not let our customers down on busy days. That’s why our RPA service does not have a limit on the number of concurrent executions.


We use Open-source software, so our RPA service is transparent, reliable, secure, cost-effective – powered by the public RPA community worldwide.


Our RPA service can be extended to support your tenancy and hardware requirements. We can connect your RPA processes to your on-premises services through a private secure channel using AWS’ advanced networking capabilities. As our solutions have REST APIs to manage and orchestrate RPA tasks and schedules, you can integrate RPA into your Microsoft Power Platform apps easily.

Why Synapx Managed RPA?

Synapx Managed RPA
Other Providers
Required IT InvolvementMinimalModerate to Heavy
AvailabilityStandard OfferingPremium Offering
ResiliencyStandard OfferingPremium Offering
Unattended AutomationStandard OfferingPremium Offering
On Premises ConnectivityNon-Disruptive Options AvailableOn Premises Installation Required
Minimum Hosting CostStarting from £0 p/m, pay-as-you-goStarting from £330 p/m per user per bot
Synapx Managed RPA
Other Providers
Discovery & Design

Our Process

We work closely with you to analyse your processes and come up with a bespoke solution to meet your business’s needs.

  1. Discovery

    Our experienced consultants will invest the time to understand your organisation's requirements and current processes. We will work with you to define a clear vision and directive for success.

  2. Delivery

    Our RPA specialists will transform your processes to be more efficient, productive, and aligned with your company's vision.

  3. Hosting & Maintenane

    All RPA assets, including scripts, tasks and schedules will be hosted in Synapx-managed AWS accounts. Our RPA specialists will regularly review, maintain, and patch your RPA assets. They will work with your teams to plan and deliver new requirements in accordance with your change management processes*.

    *Major refactoring work or medium/high complex requirements will be subject to an additional fee, which is to be agreed prior to delivery.

  4. Support

    Our support teams will monitor RPA tasks and notify your teams about task execution status and performance issues, in accordance with the service level agreement, to which Synapx is committed.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQs or get in contact for more information on any of our services, solutions, or to start your Power Platform journey.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is automation software that emulates human actions interacting with digital systems and software. They can do things like understand what’s on a screen, enter keystrokes, navigate systems, identify and extract data. They are perfect at performing repeatable, routine, rule-based tasks with higher accuracy and velocity than humans.

What are benefits of RPA?

RPA has revolutionized the way businesses work, thanks to its many significant benefits:

  • Optimized Resource Use
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
  • Faster Execution
  • Scalable Throughput
  • Increased Security
  • Improved Analytics with Quality Data
  • Improved Communication and Enhanced Customer Service

How does RPA improve cost efficiency?

Unlike humans, robots can operate 24/7 and they don’t take any days off. Having robots take over some of the manually intensive work from your people and can cut operational costs by as much as 35-50%.

You could repurchase or refactor your legacy systems to enable automation, but it will make you wait months or years before ROI becomes positive; whereas RPA is built on top of your existing assets hence there is much less business risk. More importantly, you’ll begin seeing a good ROI in just weeks.

How does RPA improve accuracy and consistency?

Robots work tirelessly, thereby they eliminate the risk of clerical errors and help you save the time that used to be spent correcting those errors. As robots follow all rules to the dot, they will produce 100 percent accurate results, which leads to improved quality of work and a better, attentive customer service. 100 percent accurate, and 100 percent consistent – no need for luck, skill, or concentration.

How does RPA help people to be more productive?

Robots do not replace humans, they assist them in completing the same amount of work in less time. In a RPA-enabled business, its people can stop copying and pasting information between business systems, they can devote their time to work that requires their skills instead. With low-level and back-office work duties split between humans and robots, RPA can increase your team’s capacity for completed work by up to 50%. Increased capacity can be reinvested in your people, or innovation for an efficient workforce, productive and happier people.

How does RPA provide faster execution and scalable throughput?

Robots can complete the same task about five times faster than humans. Especially in workflows with irregular volumes, RPA’s benefit becomes dramatically higher. For example, a business may receive a higher number of orders during Black Friday. RPA-enabled businesses don’t need to guess capacity, onboard temporary hires or redistribute employee capacity to handle unexpected number of tasks – their robotic workforce can scale up and down instantly to handle any volume of work.

How does RPA improve security?

Security clearance checks, access management during onboarding or offboarding, periodic security audits… The list keeps growing for humans; whereas RPA has security built-in; data access is well controlled, documented, logged, and reviewed as code. Since RPA processes are granular, the least privileges principle is applied to enforce fine-grained permissions, which is one of the best security practices.

How does RPA increase data quality and improve analytics?

Accurate and consistent processes will produce error-free and quality data, which is essential for analytics. RPA-enabled businesses gain access to metrics and patterns such as work volume, cycle times, errors, or anomalies. These metrics and patterns help businesses to identify process gaps and improvement areas, thereby they can make better decisions.

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